Residential Program

A Place to Call Home

Triumphant Hands is committed to providing residential opportunities for adults with autism and intellectual disabilities who require support with daily living skills while creating a sense of community they can be proud of. 

Location and Scope of our Residential Program

Triumphant Hands providers community-based residential programs in group homes and apartments throughout Northern Jersey.

Supervised Living

Triumphant Homes looks to open various residential homes / apartments in the following areas:

  • Bergen county
  • Union County
  • Essex County
  • Newark
  • Hudson County
  • Passaic County 

Triumphant hands offers 24/7 staffing for up to four adults in a home with various levels of needs. Triumphant Hands provides structured programming and a wide range of recreational activities.

Triumphant Hands ensures each person living in our home will have access to a dignified private bedroom, a fully stocked kitchen and common areas for relaxation, recreation, and socialization. Meals are prepared based on each individual’s preferences, meal guidelines and residents may eat together or on their own. Group activities are also planned based on individual and group interests.

Direct care staff support each person in developing and improving daily living skills and accessing community services, recreation and engagement – while working to attain each individual’s valued outcome, goals and all safeguards.

Staff also manage medication, schedule appointments, and provide transportation to and from day programs, community outings and appointments as needed.

We strive to ensure each of our residents or apartments is given needed quality of care, we strive to ensure each person’s right is protected, respected and valued. We strive to ensure that everyone is well advocated for, well integrated in the community and lives a healthy and meaningful life.

How We Provide Support

In Our Homes
ABA Clinical Approach / Therapy
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a valuable resource in the region by virtue of its depth and breadth of expertise and experience in evidence-based treatment for autism.
Instruction in Daily Activities
Staff in the residential homes also support adults with developing skills for activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, picking out weather appropriate clothing for the day.
Community Integration
Staff help schedule and facilitate community outings and in-home activities for those who select to participate - or individuals can relax in whatever way they choose.

How Our Clinical Team Works

  • Provide a new and fresh evaluation of where a person is now
  • Determine which behavior needs to enhance or decrease
  • Set goals that turns to growth and set expected outcomes
  • Establish and developing systems that ensures we can measure changes and improvements
  • Teach and mentor new skills and develop clinical approach to avoid negative behaviors
  • Develop systems that monitors and review progress
  • Celebrate wins either small or big

Ready to Get Started?

Our Program starts with a pre-meeting with you and your family, where we discuss the overview of our program, our services and how it may benefit your family. We also interview you asking about your expectations, desires and goals for your child to determine whether Triumphant Hands is a good fit for your loved one. Also based on information received from you we then proposed a service delivery plan of action that will meet your child where they are in their skill sets.