Inspiring stories through Our Self-Direction Services


There are times when it seems as though we need to look  far to find inspiring stories but the truth is it’s all around us if we choose to find them. Patrick is resilient and his tenacity is one that cannot simply be overlooked. 

Patrick started the process of getting into self directing his services because he wanted more for himself and wanted to taylor his services to be person centered. 

We were able to design a plan for Patrick through Self-Direction, the team worked on following the plan based on Patrick’s choices, needs and goals. 

Fast forward 2 years later. Patrick is now on his way to earning a GED as he prepares for college, he was able to secure his drivers license and now works at a group home where he provides needed support for the elderly.

The story of Patrick is quite inspiring because it highlights the idea that with the right team , program and a plan anything is absolutely possible. 

I am not my disability ! 

#autism #autismawareness #Adultswithautism #iamnotmydisability #Specialneeds 

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