Adult Day Services

Committed to Excellence in Service Delivery

Triumphant Hands strives to ensure we support adults with Autism and developmental disabilities by charting a new course while changing the narratives of what the norm looked like. We intend to develop programs that are person centered, where we can explore various initiatives, fostering growth and ensuring we build a tribe of community where we can not only succeed together but also share meaningful resources. 

Community Based Services

Triumphant Hands offers a wide range of recreational, structured activities, various community outings that are aimed at exploring arts, science, technology, music and various community initiatives. 

Day Habilitation

We are committed in creating an environment that is geared towards creativity, innovation, art and use of technology and science to explore and inspire adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Our program model will focus on Self-Advocacy, Pre-vocational skills, Activities of Daily Living, Creative Art, Music therapy, Meal Prep, Bowling, Nature walk and various community outings.

Supported Employment

Providing Real-World Career Opportunities

For many of us, a job is more than just a livelihood; it is the essence in which we take pride in to identity ourselves, self-esteem confidence. It’s no different for adults with autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities. Employment opportunities are vital to the transition to a more independent lifestyle. 

Triumphant hands Employment Services program helps each person to further develop various skills, challenge themselves to reach beyond their limitations and strive for a life full of purpose and meaning. 

Each person is supported by highly trained job coaches who focus on teaching both the hard and soft skills needed for success at any job. Work opportunities are secured through partnerships with local businesses, or through Triumphant Hands Supported Employment program. 


Transitional Employment

Designed for individuals who are not yet ready to pursue independent employment in the community, the Transitional Employment program focuses on small-group job training and career planning.

Services are provided through partnerships with local businesses, or within Triumphant Hands Supported Employment program, a network of small, community based entrepreneurial endeavors that provide practical employment training, experience, and support to meet the individual at their level. 

Ready to Get Started?

Our Program starts with a pre-meeting with you and your family, where we discuss the overview of our program, our services and how it may benefit your family. We also interview you asking about your expectations, desires and goals for your child to determine whether Triumphant Hands is a good fit for your loved one. Also based on information received from you we then proposed a service delivery plan of action that will meet your child where they are in their skill sets.