About Us

Who We Are

Triumphant Hands Inc is an innovative organization that is dedicated to serving adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and ensuring that family is the centerpiece of our mission and philosophy. We believe in creating a supportive environment, building a framework that defines the quality of how we support each person’s unique capability, talents and skills.




Our Mission

The mission of Triumphant Hands is to provide a helping hand to individuals with special needs and assisting them to achieve their life goals, thinking outside the box and having the understanding that there are no limits too high to reach, no goals that is unattainable when we believe.


Meet the Team

Segun Elijah Ogunyemi, Executive Director 

He is the Executive Director and CEO of Triumphant Hands Inc. Elijah has more than 16 years of experience developing various residential programs and providing administrative oversight that supports individuals with developmental disabilities. Elijah has vast experience and has earned various skills over the years that has made him successful in building structures, systems that ensures overall success of various programs he has been a part of. 

Elijah has earned his Master of Public Administration in Healthcare from Pace University. Elijah is committed to creating a program that is centered around quality of care, boosting staff’s morale while ensuring that family is the center piece of our program. 

Our Philosophy Core Values

We believe in creating a culture that is centered around quality, simply put “quality in service delivery," because everyone deserves the best.

Quality of Care


We believe in Family



Health and Safety

Our Focus

Person centered planning – Individually designed services and clinical supports.

Advocate for the rights and entitlements of persons with autism and intellectual disabilities

Providing choices and behavioral supports

Daily living, advocacy and day habilitation services

Music therapy

Ready to Get Started?

Our Program starts with a pre-meeting with you and your family, where we discuss the overview of our program, our services and how it may benefit your family. We also interview you asking about your expectations, desires and goals for your child to determine whether Triumphant Hands is a good fit for your loved one. Also based on information received from you we then proposed a service delivery plan of action that will meet your child where they are in their skill sets.