Quality service for individuals with
Autism and Developmental Disabilities

because everyone deserves the best.

Quality Services

Residential Program

A Place to call home. Triumphant Hands is committed to providing residential opportunities for adults with autism and intellectual disabilities who require support with daily living skills while creating a sense of community they can be proud of.

Adult Day Services

Triumphant Hands strives to ensure we support adults with Autism and developmental disabilities. We are committed to developing programs that are person-centered, fostering growth while creating a sense of belonging to a community.

Self Direction

Self-Direction gives you the chance to choose your own services so you can live the life you want. By self-directing your services, you have more flexibility to choose the right supports for you, the staff you want to work with, and a schedule that works best for YOU.

Triumphant Hands Inc is an innovative organization that is dedicated to serving adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and ensuring that family is the centerpiece of our mission and philosophy. We believe in creating a supportive environment, building a framework that defines the quality of how we support each person’s unique capability, talents and skills.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Program starts with a pre-meeting with you and your family, where we discuss the overview of our program, our services and how it may benefit your family. We also interview you asking about your expectations, desires and goals for your child to determine whether Triumphant Hands is a good fit for your loved one. Also based on information received from you we then proposed a service delivery plan of action that will meet your child where they are in their skill sets.